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The National Gallery, London, UK.

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The National Gallery, London, U.K.

The National Gallery in London, UK, is a must see!

During my vacation to the UK, I visited The National Gallery in London. It wasn’t my first visit, but the Gallery never disappoints. Taking photos of the beautiful artwork is permitted, so I took many, some of which I have posted below. While all the pieces are outstanding, one in particular was breathtaking. It was of Madame de Pompadour, painted by Francois-Hubert Drouais.  

The National Gallery, London, U.K.

The reason this painting caught my eye, was Drouais’ attention to detail, especially the lace on Madame de Pompadour’s dress. Here are some photos of her portrait and close-ups of the fabric. Imagine having that talent.

The National Gallery, London, U.K.

There is so much to see at The National Gallery. A tour can take hours, but there are cafes, and Gallery stores in which to pick up mementos of your visit. I purchased small prints of my favorite art. Large prints are available. Prices in the store go from very reasonable to very expensive. Souvenirs range from pens, to purses, to prints, and everything in between. Admission to the Gallery is free, however, there are special showings of artists’ works that come with a small entrance fee. 

The National Gallery, London, U.K.

Here are photos of The Gallery, Trafalgar Square at the main entrance to The Gallery, and Vincent van Gogh’s famous paintings: Van Gogh’s Chair 1888, and, Sunflowers, 1888. 

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