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Creator of memoir, fiction, and children's picture book, Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Handy Writing Tips!

Getting it Right!

Writing is fun … punctuation and grammar, not so much. When I wrote my first manuscript, I admit, my punctuation was poor, and I struggled with corrections. Then, an author shared a page of writing tips with me, and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the source of the following tips, but hope they help you as much as they did me.

Using numbers in a manuscript:

  • Numerals from 99 and under are spelled out (twelve days, fourteen pounds)
  • Numerals from 100 and up are spelled numerically (100 days, 500 pounds)
  • Numerals of 1,000 and up are spelled numerically, with comma inserted (1,250)
  • Numerals of 1 million and up are spelled with both numerals and text (1.2 million)
  • Always spell out the word “percent” (52.5 percent). Do not use the symbol unless the section or entire book contains many statistics.

These tips are especially pertinent if you forward your manuscript to a publisher as they expect perfection. It is equally important if you self-publish as errors reflect on your ability as an author. I will share more tips over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

My ebooks:

In the meantime, why not check out my ebook, titled, The Look of a Twelve-Year-Old: only .99 cents (USD), and available from your Amazon, the following links, and many other ebook distributors.

The Look of a Twelve-Year Old

The Look of a Twelve-Year-Old

Fiction:  The Look of a Twelve-Year-Old

Meet Claire Peters. From seemingly innocent youngster to evil conniver, she takes you on her journey from lowly Saturday Girl working at The Glass Stiletto located in small town Heatherly, to executive for a leading company: SLATES Inc. of London. While working at The Glass Stiletto, she set her sights on winning the Stiletto Award for achieving the highest annual sales. But, a nasty rival bent on defeating her, stood in the way. Refusing to be deterred from reaching her goal, Claire took drastic action against her opponent. From there, Claire Peters joined the ranks of executives but on the way to the top, lost track of who she was and what she hoped to achieve. Many years later, recently fired from her executive position at SLATES Inc, she traded common sense for the sake of bloody revenge against the team responsible for her dismissal.

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Barbara Studham dot com

Author, Barbara Studham

Welcome to Barbara Studham’s author site

My Author Site

Welcome to my new author site, barbara studham dot com. At the moment it is a work in progress, but here you will find a list of my memoirs, fiction, and non-fiction.

Please see the menu bar for more information and in-depth descriptions of my books.

Memoirs: My memoirs include Two Decades Of Diapers, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years. Both books describe the twenty years of challenges and struggles I faced while raising four grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. My third memoir, Psychopathetic, highlights the emotional violence I experienced during a five-year abusive relationship.

Fiction: My stand-alone stories include, Friday at 4:00, The Look of a Twelve-Year-Old, and, Not My Type. All relate to the daily deluge of dilemmas woman face during their lives. Some are challenged by age-gap relationships, infidelity, ageism, and marital boredom, while others face more intense trials and come out fighting! Nevertheless, all women will relate to the stories because every woman has a story to tell.

Fiction Series #1: Under The Shanklin Sky.  Milly Mullan is a retiree from London with delightful childhood memories of holidays spent at the seaside town of Shanklin, located on the Isle of Wight. As an adult, she intended to vacation there often but with a successful career as an interior designer to oversee, and hubby being top chef at a popular up-scale London restaurant, time to holiday was denied them. Not until retired, did Milly return to Shanklin, by which time Harry had died from health complications and their daughter, Rosie, had grown up and married. Milly has wonderful adventures Under The Shanklin Sky, and returns for more in the next two books in the series, titled, The Faring Foxglove, and, The Bathing Beauty.

Fiction Series #2: I, Gossip. James Gossip is the main character in my series: I, Gossip. James is different from my other main characters because he is male, whereas, to date, my main characters have been female. While going about his everyday business he is caught up in a strange wave of demonstrations against a government threat called, Project Abaddon. Not sure, he should get involved, his gut tells him to take a stand, join in the protests, and steadfastly face this new threat to the lives of Christians worldwide. He returns in, The Hugger-Mugger Heart for another adventure with his One Road Ministries team.

Non-Fiction in progress: A Time To LieWhen an individual first receives salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, he or she is full of joy and so embarks on a study of the Bible. But, it doesn’t take long for the new convert to realize that the Bible is a very complex book requiring years of study which many Christians find difficult to endure. So they tend to close their Bible and walk away. They might still love Jesus, but are not sure why. It was for this reason, I began an in-depth Bible study until verses came together and heightened my understanding of God. In A Time to Lie, I share my significant findings with readers.

Books by Barbara Studham

Books by Barbara Studham

All my books are available at the following links, or your favorite ebook distributor.