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Author’s trip to England

Out with the old, in with the new!

In the summer of 2018, I will be taking a trip back to England. It will have been 44 years since I have returned to my homeland. Not because I did not want to go, but life got busy and there just was not time. Now that my grandchildren (who I parented) are teens and their lives have somewhat settled, it is quieter in the Studham household and so next year I am flying home for a visit.

My son, a Canadian citizen is coming with me. There, he will meet his English family for the first time, and I will meet up with my niece who I have not seen since she was two years of age. She now has a family of her own and I cannot wait to meet them all. It is strange thinking about going back, especially as I never dreamed it would happen.

Another event I never thought would happen was my recent decision to ditch my landline and rely solely on my cell phone. I remember the first phone I owned. I was young, newly married, and still living in England. The phone was green, large, and cumbersome; attached to a coiling cord, and with a ring loud enough to summon me if I lived in a three-winged mansion. RING! RING! RING! RING! With no volume setting, voicemail, or answering machines in those days, it relentlessly attacked my eardrums until answered.

Not-so-sweet memories.

I remember the first person to call when our phone was installed—my mother-in-law. I admit there were days when I let that baby ring until exhausted simply because I wanted to avoid her. Okay, enough said. When answering machines came into our lives, I believe I was the first to buy one, and set it to turn on after only two rings.

Despite the evolution of landlines with their sleek designs and numerous features, their choice of obnoxious musical rings left much to the imagination. Since cancelling the darn thing, peace reigns in my household. When someone now calls, a soft melodic tune plays on my cell phone. I chose that particular music, as it is easy to ignore.

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