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Creator of memoir, fiction, and the children's picture book, Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Painting of Thunder, copyright Barbara Studham 2017

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An Author and Her Dog, by Barbara Studham.

I have a dog.

This post is dedicated to Suzanne K., Heather L., Viga B.,

and their love for dogs.

Painting of Thunder, copyright Barbara Studham 2017

Painting of Thunder, copyright Barbara Studham 2017

My dog’s name is Thunder. My granddaughter named him when we visited the SPCA animal shelter to offer a forever home to a rescue dog. The other dozen or so dogs looking for homes were large – like the magnificent, black mastiff, with a stately manner. I wanted to own him immediately.

The manager took one look at my senior frame and shook her head. “No, I’m sorry,” she said. “You won’t be able to handle him. He is VERY strong!”

Apparently, so were all the other dogs; apart from a sad looking Bichon whose coat was shorn to the skin due to his previous owner’s grooming neglect.

“He was a tangled mess,” the manager explained. “When we received him we had to shave him right down.”

Poor little doggie, I thought, but had to giggle at the sight of his piggy tail which had also been shaved. Seeing that cute pink thing wiggling and waggling at visitors endeared me. I pretty much knew he was the one, but had difficulty persuading my granddaughter who had her eye on another.

In the end, the manager had the last word. As I was to be the registered owner, she insisted on the weakling Bichon. 

So the Bichon it was.

He has now lived in his forever home going on two years. Naturally, he controls everything we do. Which is fine, because we love him and want him to be happy. In exchange, he has given me new legs. Before we gave him a home, I struggled with leg twinges and stiffness. Now, after walking him twice a day for two years, my legs are fantastic. I can walk farther, they don’t twinge (as much), and I love being out in the neighborhood watching him interact with kids and other dogs.

Thanks, Thunder! You are the best doggie in the world, and now that your coat has grown, you are the cutest!

Barbara Studham’s bio.

For over twenty years, Barbara Studham has parented grandchildren diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Her two memoirs: Two Decades of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, The Teen Years, describe her challenges during their toddler years and teens. She has also written fiction, including a six-book series titled, Under The Shanklin Sky, set in the seaside town of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight. She is currently creating a children’s FASD picture book series Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Now available is the first in the series titled The School Day. The second in the series titled FIDGET! is soon to be released.

Barbara Studham’s books are available from AMAZON.

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