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Creator of memoir, fiction, and the children's picture book, Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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New Release: A Hint of Spring

The Launch of A Hint of Spring!

Another Milly Mullan Adventure.

A Hint of Spring

A Hint of Spring

I am so pleased to launch the fourth book in the Under The Shanklin Sky Milly Mullan series. My new ebook is available from AMAZON for only $0.99 cents USD. If you have read the first three adventures in the series titled Under The Shanklin Sky, The Bathing Beauty, and The Faring Foxglove, you will also enjoy my newest addition, A Hint of Spring. 

New Release: A Hint of Spring, Book Blurb.

Rain, hail, sleet, gale; the petulant, English winter reluctantly gives way to spring by mercilessly battering the town of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight. Conversely, spring ushers in a new adventure for retiree, Milly Mullan, resident of flat number 6 in the Old Stone House situated on Hope Beach. Anticipating an upcoming fundraising gala, she is shocked to discover the host, Evelyn Scott, is embezzling funds from its charitable agency: Triple-F. With little evidence, Milly drags her obnoxious daughter, Rosie, into the fray who witnesses Evelyn Scott’s murder and joins the list of suspects, all of whom hated Evelyn. For a while, Milly is at a loss as to whodunit. Was it Crystal, the receptionist at Triple-F, who holds a long-standing grudge against Evelyn; or, perhaps Evelyn’s love affair, married man, Fred Barker-Ford, of Barker-Ford dog foods, and suspected collaborator in crime. Could the killer be Tom Fielding, a local health and fitness business owner who, for personal reasons, detests Evelyn Scott? As Milly delves deeper into the case, she inadvertently saves scores of seniors from Evelyn’s scheming and their financial ruin. Given that, and her eventual solving of Evelyn Scott’s murder, she is abruptly elevated to bees’ knees status in the eyes of Shanklin’s locals.

Available from AMAZON.

Category: Fiction/Crime, Mystery & Detective/Cozy. $0.99 cents usd. 

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A Hint Of Spring

A work in progress!

Milly Mullan's Mail

Milly Mullan’s Mail

A Hint Of Spring is my latest work in progress and will be available in 2017. It is the fourth in my–Under The Shanklin Sky Series–and falls into the same genre as the first three: cozy/amateur sleuth. If you have visited the town of Shanklin on the Isle of Wight you will know its beauty. I’m a senior now, and born in England, but when only sixteen years of age, I spent two weeks vacation in Shanklin staying at The Shanklin Beach Hotel. I have never forgotten the seaside’s serenity, and amazing scenic views. My fond memories of the sandy beach, rushing waves, and high cliff top ripe for endless walks, is one reason why I chose Shanklin as the location for my series. I also chose to have my main character, Milly Mullan, be a senior, not because many people retire in Shanklin, but because Milly proves us seniors continue to live vibrant, productive lives.

A Hint Of Spring. So if you feel like lazing on the couch with your feet up for a few hours while reading a book from my series, here is where you can find Under The Shanklin Sky, The Faring Foxglove, and The Bathing Beauty. Don’t forget to watch for the release of Milly’s new adventure: A Hint Of Spring.

All my books are available from your Amazon store, the following links,

and from many other ebook distributors.


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Ebook: The Faring Foxglove

Milly Mullan in The Faring Foxglove

Milly Mullan at the Shanklin Flower Show

Milly Mullan at the Shanklin Flower Show

The Faring Foxglove

The Faring Foxglove

The Faring Foxglove. Genre: Cozy/Amateur Sleuth. Location: Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

The Faring Foxglove is the second in the Under The Shanklin Sky series, and another adventure for Milly Mullan.

Do you love weekend cozies? Amateur sleuthing? In The Faring Foxglove, the second of the Under The Shanklin Sky series, Milly Mullan returns on another adventure! Yearning for a peaceful life beside the seaside, Milly retired to the seaside town of Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, but her inquisitive nature draws her into disastrous predicaments. This time, Milly’s innocent trip to the Shanklin Flower Show with daughter, Rosie, in tow, ends in a summer full of poisoned cats and the slow-death of a neighbor by a witches brew, but how is Milly involved? Under police suspicion, she has some explaining to do! Join Milly Mullan as she sleuths her way through the hazy days of a Shanklin summer in her latest adventure: The Faring Foxglove.

All my books, including The Faring Foxglove, can be purchased from the following links, or from your favorite ebook distributor.