Author, Barbara Studham

Creator of memoir, fiction, and the children's picture book, Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Books by Barbara Studham

Books by Barbara Studham


Listed below are a few of the reviews I have received for my books.

Memoir: Two Decades Of Diapers

 “I started reading Two Decades of Diapers this evening. I’m almost done… can’t put it down. I’m at a loss for words over this woman’s strength, warmth and indomitable spirit! Wow… simply wow. Great writing style… amazing story… powerful.”… Sandy Richards

“Dear Barbara Studham, author of Two Decades of Diapers, first let me say, “I sat in silence at the end of your book.” You took me on a journey and turned me every which way but loose. Barbara, you have the ability to alter outcome for future generations. Who has the guts to tell it like it is from the only person who ever stood up for those four children, and especially for yourself, like you just did? Whomever they are, I don’t think I have met them yet. Then when you wrote each person from the children’s eyes: “Dear Teacher, Classmate, Friend, Mom, Dad, etc., I couldn’t read through tears. It took time to regain my composure. Compassion was given to me for all children who live with FASD. I felt their pain, their grief. Barbara, this book was written from you core. And your audacity, your courage to end it the way you did, well, my dear, that was nothing less than pure courage. We, as a society, have such a need for all things, good, bad, and ugly, to eventually be packaged complete with pretty paper, and a bow. You just blew my mind, in the most amazing way!”… Sharon R. Hollis

“When you’re a victim of child sexual abuse, it’s startling to read another person’s memoir and find it disturbs you more than your own story, especially when it’s based on a different kind of horror: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. But that’s how I felt reading Barbara Studham’s “Two Decades of Diapers”… Viga Boland

“Barbara Studham’s book, Two Decades of Diapers, is a page-turner you will want to read in one sitting. It is the riveting memoir of a dedicated and selfless woman raising her abandoned grandchildren. This story is a must-read for whole spectrums of people, from those who were abused as children, to those who live in a loveless marriage, to those who adopt children of troubled parents, to those who care for any child who suffers disabilities, particularly those with FAS or FASD. Once you read Barbara’s story, you will not only be awed by the strength and perseverance of this amazing lady, you will get down on your knees and thank your higher power you are not in her position. And you’ll pray that you never will be.”… Heather Lamb

 Memoir: Psychopathetic

“If you were to judge a book by its cover and title, you might conclude that Psychopathetic is a thriller about some deranged killer or that the book is based on the TV show, “Orange is the new Black.” However, you’d be wrong. In fact, when you finally learn how the word “psychopathetic” relates to this memoir, you might even find yourself laughing…except, Psychopathetic isn’t really funny. In her typical, conversational, and easy-going style of writing, Barbara Studham has penned a second memoir, in which the events actually precede what we read about in her brilliant “Two Decades of Diapers”. But, this time, Barbara is letting us in on the ugliness of her second, thankfully short-lived marriage to a narcissistic, self-important charmer whose only real reason for marrying her was to have a place to live after his first marriage broke up.”… Viga Boland

Fiction: Friday at 4:00

This book is an engaging read, layered with heartache, shock, and sass. Four women, of varying ages and income, all become involved in those life-changing decisions one either foolishly makes or has forced upon them, and often not with the best outcomes. There won’t be many readers who can’t look at any of the characters and see someone they know in there, perhaps even the one in the mirror in the morning. The stories don’t overlap, each offering its own tale of caution and truths, as the four characters’ lives intersect in a seemingly ordinary day—one that could be either an ending or a new beginning for all of them.”… L. B. Johnson