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Is BAD publicity GOOD?

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Author appreciates all publicity!

I submitted my ebook cover, Under the Shanklin sky for review to The Book Designer re the e-Book Cover Design Awards, November 2017. The opportunity for publicity overshadowed winning an award, so I entered an ebook cover to attract attention to my work.


Well, my cover attracted attention, but not the kind I crave. While I appreciate its listing in JR’s The Book Designer Awards, his comment was not so pleasing. Here is the cover I submitted along with his comment.

Under the Shanklin sky, by Barbara Studham. The first in the Milly Mullan adventure series. Milly is a retiree who moves from London to Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. Caught up in the locals' activity, she soon finds herself sleuthing through her golden years. Available on AMAZON.

Under the Shanklin sky, by Barbara Studham

JF: It might, if you let a professional design the cover.

Here the type is confused and the whole effect is underwhelming.

Is BAD publicity good?

I welcome the response, but I do not have the means to hire a professional, so I cannot act upon JR’s suggestion. Moreover, the publicity overrides the bad review.  After all, my book was posted and mentioned (good publicity), despite his comment, some readers will like my cover and even check it out on Amazon (good publicity), and my name being recognized as an author on another website is excellent publicity.

The last point is the most important, because, a book’s cover is not what sells books, but rather the author’s name. My favorite author, Rachel Joyce, could sell me a book with a blank cover simply because I adore her writing. Becoming known is what is important. An attractive book cover will garner eyes, but when those eyes are browsing hundreds of thousands of book titles on Amazon, chances of them landing on my book are miniscule. Conversely, if the reader is searching for a specific author, namely me, the odds improve.

Author appreciates all publicity.

So, how do I attract attention to my work? Take up with a toy boy and prance around town in low-cut dresses and cause a scene until noticed? How about I dye my hair blue and wear funny hats. What if I hold a knife to someone’s throat and hope journalists include ‘author’ when reporting the details. Not bad ideas, as ALL publicity is good publicity.

Meanwhile, I will stick to a traditional publicity route. On Sunday, February 18th 2018, I will join local radio host Bernadette Rule on Art Waves to speak about my children’s FASD picture book titled Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The book is aimed at ages 5-12, is full color, twenty-six pages, and available on AMAZON. Art Waves is an arts-interview radio program airing live every Sunday evening from 7 to 8 at 101.5 FM. Google “1015 The Hawk.”

To listen to my previous Art Waves podcast when I spoke on my FASD memoirs Two Decades of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, The Teen Years, visit this link:

Barbara Studham’s bio:

For the past twenty years, Barbara Studham parented four grandchildren, all diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Her two memoirs: Two Decades of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, The Teen Years, describe her challenges during their toddler years, and teens. She has also written fiction, including a six-book series titled, Under The Shanklin Sky; set in the seaside town of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight. She is currently creating a children’s FASD picture book series Strawberry  & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Now available is the first in the series titled The School Day.

All Barbara Studham’s books are available from your AMAZON.

Author blog:

FASD blog:

Amazon Author Page:

Author: whereasi

For over twenty years, I have parented four grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: a disorder caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Please read of our family struggles and challenges at My two ebook memoirs available on Amazon titled: Two Decades Of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years, describe the struggles my grandchildren and I experienced during their youth and teenage years. I have also written fiction, including a six-book English seaside series, titled, Under the Shanklin sky. I am now embarking on a new adventure creating children's picture books, designed specifically with kids with FAS in mind. The two main characters of the book are Strawberry & Cracker, twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The first titled The School Day focuses on the special supports the twins need at school for a successful outcome. The book is due out in the fall of 2017, to be followed by more in the series, all focused on the daily challenges faced by children with FAS. For more info, see my author blog at

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