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Creator of memoir, fiction, and the children's picture book, Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

FREE Basic Book Promotion

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Discover FREE ways to promote your

self-published book.

You’ve written and self-published your book, and now you are looking for promotion ideas. No need to spend a fortune on sales promoters: authors who have been there, done that, and now want to sell you their expertise. Their claims include selling thousands of books and spiraling to the top of their trade by using their little-known methods.

“Follow my six steps to fame!”

“Ten easy ways to promote your book!”

 “Increase your book sales a thousand-fold!”

It’s tempting, until the price tag rears its ugly head. Especially when most of the paid-for suggestions are free elsewhere on the Internet. If you are just starting out, it pays (YOU) to spend time browsing for basic promotion projects.

Spend time browsing for free advice

Spend time searching.

The Internet offers hundreds, if not thousands, of writing websites offering FREE book promotion ideas. The only thing you need is time and patience to surf the Internet to find projects right for you and your book. Start with the basics, and within time, you will gain confidence to chase after more professional promotions. But first, think BLOG, and SOCIAL MEDIA. Blogging and social media are your two basic methods for promotion. FACEBOOK offers individual PAGES, and if you are on AMAZON, complete your author page at AUTHOR CENTRAL. There are also sites offering FREE REVIEWS. Check out the following links. 

Ask friends for suggestions.

Spend time with friends.

Chances are, if you have written a book, you will know others who have. When I completed my first memoir Two Decades of Diapers, my friend, who was also my memoir teacher, offered me many suggestions on how to promote my self-published memoir: BOOK FAIRS, LOCAL RADIO SHOW, LIBRARY PRESENTATIONS,  and SPEAKING EVENTS.  She had self-published  books and learned the promotion ropes. She is an avid PODCASTER, and swears by its power to promote. If you are not friends with people in the know, join writing circles and clubs, and attend book talks and fairs to garner advice from other writers. Visit my friend’s link. 

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t pay–ask!

It also pays to reach outside of your friendship circle and ASK for ideas. For example, following the recent release of my children’s FASD picture book titled Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, I contacted an FASD school social worker. I wanted to let her know the book was available, and to ask for suggestions on how to get the book placed within school libraries. Not only did she love the book, but suggested a fabulous way to promote. She is in the process of organizing an FASD seminar and suggested my children’s book for door prizes! What a fantastic idea, and one I can use to further promote my book by contacting FASD committees and explaining my book makes wonderful door prizes at FASD conferences, and other meetings. 

FREE basic book promotion!

On the surface, these suggestions might appear tiny drops of promotion  in the vast sea of methods, but most  paid-for ideas include approaching corporate sponsors, and TV producers, which I consider much farther-down-the-road promotions; ones to consider at a later date when you gain confidence and your book is selling. I’m all about getting started, so in the meantime, for free confidence-building promotional ideas, don’t pay now, and regret it later—simply search and ask for FREE.

See my books, including my new children’s picture book

Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,

The School Day

at Amazon, and the following link.


Author: whereasi

For over twenty years, I have parented four grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: a disorder caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Please read of our family struggles and challenges at My two ebook memoirs available on Amazon titled: Two Decades Of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years, describe the struggles my grandchildren and I experienced during their youth and teenage years. I have also written fiction, including a six-book English seaside series, titled, Under the Shanklin sky. I am now embarking on a new adventure creating children's picture books, designed specifically with kids with FAS in mind. The two main characters of the book are Strawberry & Cracker, twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The first titled The School Day focuses on the special supports the twins need at school for a successful outcome. The book is due out in the fall of 2017, to be followed by more in the series, all focused on the daily challenges faced by children with FAS. For more info, see my author blog at

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